Assemble your own sms2slack device

Anyone with a bit of a DIY spirit can assemble sms2slack by themselves.


You can purchase the LILYGOĀ® TTGO T-SIM A7670E/SA board for GSM A (Americas) or E (Europe) region from AliExpress.

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The code that runs sms2slack is available on our GitHub repository.

Get code on GitHub


3D print templates for the box that fits the AliExpress board.

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Frequently asked questions

What carriers are supported?
The selected board supports all LTE CAT-1 carriers and has support for 2G networks. We do not recommend using a (usually cheaper) board that supports only 2G/3G as those networks are getting phased out fast.
How long does it take to put everything together?
If you're comfortable with electronics and a bit of code, it should be less than an hour.
Where can I get support with self-assembly?
Visit the GitHub discussions and submit a question there.